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To use Online Banking, click the icon on the home page. 

 A screen will come up asking for your USER ID and PASSWORD. 

Your USER ID is your four digit account number, for example 1234
·         Your PASSWORD the first time only is your social security number, no dashes or spaces.
·         You will then be prompted to enter a pa ssword only you know.

As a security measure, 3 unsuccessful tries will lock the system. If this happens, click the CONTACT US button and let us know by secure e-mail or by phone. 

Once you have completed your Online Banking sign-in, you will have access to another online service, BILL PAYER.  

This service is currently FREE to credit union members.

In order to use Bill Payer , please contact us by secure e-mail or by phone. 
Please allow 24 hours for this feature to be activated for your account

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